Roadworks and Maintenance


Much of the Highways works happening around West End and Grange Park is as a result of your feedback, either via me or directly to Hampshire County Council.  Increasingly, residents are using the County’s on-line reporting facilities, such as the link below;-

Roadworks and Maintenance
Click on the above screenshot to go to Hampshire County Council’s Roadworks and Maintenance webpage

Planned Maintenance

By clicking on the Planned Maintenance button, you will be taken to a webpage where you will be able to drill down to see what maintenance has been scheduled.

Once you have determined that roadworks have been scheduled, clicking on the button will take you to the website where you can learn the extent of the roadworks.

Utility Companies

Not all Highways items are the responsibility of Hampshire County Council.  For example, when the utility companies want to maintain or repair their equipment, by law they only have to advise the council of their intentions.  To check out what they have advised, go to the website.  A common complaint is that Southern Water inspection covers have sunk down into the road causing a traffic hazard or the cover plate becomes loose and becomes a noise nuisance.  When this happens, it is Southern Water who should be contacted to deal with the situation.

Hampshire County Council have written a very helpful webpage detailing the responsibilities of the utility companies.  Check it out by clicking on the Utility Companies button on the HCC Roadworks and maintenance webpage.