New Forest Housing

The New Forest Council’s Record on Housing is Atrocious!!

The shortage of housing is a national problem, but it is particularly poor in the New Forest. ¬†The situation is very similar to Sheltered accommodation that has been around for a number of years, which has been dealt a recent blow since the government has withdrawn the “Supporting People” funding. ¬†This has meant that the scheme managers who were hired to look after residents during normal working hours have been disappearing from much of this type of accommodation. ¬†However, there is a new national housing scheme for the elderly called “Extra Care.” ¬†This is similar to the traditional Sheltered housing except, there are care staff on duty 24/7. ¬†Unfortunately Tory run Hampshire County Council has not invested in purpose built facilities in the New Forest yet, so only a few to the “Extra Care” standard exist. ¬†Learn More…

I am very keen to hear your views of about what you would like to be done.

Source: LGA Headline report for District Councils 2015
Source: LGA Headline report for District Councils 2015

As you can see from the LGA chart above, the total number of households on the New Forest District Council waiting list was 4,281 on 1 April 2014.  These are not homeless New Forest residents, but residents who either want somewhere larger because of growing family size, want to move to a different location within the New Forest or want to downsize.

The number of households living in temporary accommodation however at 228, is in itself a very poor situation for those who are experiencing it, but for the council tax payer, YOU, it represents a very inefficient way of solving the housing shortage.  In 2015 there were 143 households living in temporary accommodation, so great cause for concern!

The number of affordable homes being built are also below the national average!