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Liberal Democrats

The Liberal Democrats have a proud tradition of being a party of localism. This alone differentiates us from the others. ¬†Communities around the country have their own distinct cultures, so why adopt a “One size fits all” approach the big two parties seem to prefer? ¬†The Liberal Democrat party is committed to devolve much more down to the constituencies from Westminster.

We are hard working within our communities, taking our lead from what residents are telling us.  Our network of volunteers delivers the Focus to every house all year round.  This is our way of keeping you informed with what you have been telling us about local issues.  Unlike the big two parties, the Liberal Democrats do not have the same level of funding or national media backing and so rely on local activists and local fundraising.  If you support our philosophy, please get in touch. The larger the team, the more effective we can be.

National Issues

We all have a view on the British political leadership during the last 100 years, by clicking on the National Issues link you will see mine.  I am keen to know what you think, so please get in touch.

Social Media

While not commenting on social media every day, I do use Twitter and Facebook to air my views from time to time.  However my views are formed through interaction with you, so please let me know about the issues that will help me better represent you.

Liberal Democrats in Government (2010 – 2015)

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