It may seem a little confusing when you know that Hampshire County Council are responsible for maintaining Hampshire’s roads, to learn that it is not Hampshire County Council that keeps the verges tidy and the pavements weed free. ¬†Although it is in fact a County responsibility, it has been contracted out to the District councils, so if you see a neglected verge or pavement, it is Eastleigh Borough Council you should contact. ¬†Eastleigh call this service ‚ÄúStreetScene‚ÄĚ. ¬†Follow the link to complete the request form or simply e-mail [email protected] and copy me in.


Allington Lane

A resident contacted me about the shared cycleway and footway starting to become overgrown.  This is exactly the sort of issue the StreetScene team deal with.  Vegetation has encroached well into the cycleway/footway space causing an increased safety issue as well as looking unsightly.  Many thanks to the resident for drawing it to my attention.  I have reported it to StreetScene and expect that it will be dealt with shortly.

By the entrance of Itchen Valley Country Park, a stretch of pavement only laid a couple of years ago is found to have weeds growing up through it.  Clearly a problem in the construction process.  Since this appears to be more a problem with the construction of the pavement, it may not be a StreetScene issue and it could be down to the contractor who carried out the work, being recalled by Hampshire County Council.