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Supporters of remaining within the European Union and knowing that as well as being a Liberal Democrat Parliamentary approved Candidate, I am also an approved European Parliamentary Candidate, have been asking me about what they can do to spread the word about the benefits of being a member of the EU.  There is a very real risk that by leaving the campaigning to others that the result of the referendum may mean us leaving the EU.  This page highlights various sources of information to enable you to campaign for us to remain, whether that is by Social Media, running a street stall or delivering leaflets.

As a reminder, in preparation for the 2014 European Parliamentary elections, the Liberal Democrat party published their manifesto, which sets out how the following will be achieved;-

  • We will create more jobs from trade within Europe
  • Help fight crime across Europe
  • Protect the environment and create green jobs
  • Reform the EU to cut waste, protect the UK’s influence in the Single Market and strengthen the role of the Westminster Parliament in scrutinising EU legislation

For a copy of the entire manifesto click on “Our manifesto for European Parliament elections 2014″.

The EU Referendum and Reform.  The Party view.

Follow the link to the South East region Liberal Democrat #INtogether campaign website

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