Dibden Bay

What Would You Like to See the Land at Dibden Bay Used For?

The land at Dibden Bay is of strategic importance with respect to not only the economy of Totton and the Waterside, but also the country.  A quarter of the land is owned by the MOD and three quarters by ABP.  The MOD will make their decision as to what to do with the Sea Mounting Centre before the end of the year, while ABP have strategic plans for future port expansion of the land they own.

Many local residents spend longer commuting to work than they otherwise might have to because of the absence of local jobs, poor public transport links and an often congested A326.  The strategic significance of this particular site is heightened by the fact that it sits alongside the Marchwood Sea Mounting Centre.

If this site were to be developed, a substantial sum would be available to improve local infrastructure, which would in turn increase the wealth of the area.  What improvements to Totton and the Waterside would you like to see?  Here are some suggestions;-

  • A326 Dual Carriageway extended
  • Totton & Waterside Railway made suitable for passenger transport
  • Hythe Ferry upgraded
  • Improved bus links and frequency of operation
  • Improved network of off-road cycleways
  • Regeneration of the Totton Shopping Precinct

How would you like to see Dibden Bay developed (Marchwood Sea Mounting Centre is owned by the MOD and is 300 acres in size.  The rest is owned by ABP and covers 800 acres, 500 acres of which have been reclaimed)?  Here are some suggestions;-

  • A base for Sir Ben Ainslie’s America’s Cup Challenge
  • Marine Technology Enterprise Zone (A Marine manufacturing hub)
  • Expand Car Exports from Marchwood Sea Mounting Centre *
  • Create a Science, Technology, Engineering Technology Centre (STEM)
  • Cruise and Container Port
  • Retain for Nature Conservation
  • A mixture of the above (Page 80, Port of Southampton Master Plan 2009- 2030)

* Releasing Marchwood Military Port could result in an increase in car export capacity by 200,000 vehicles from Land Rover, Jaguar, BMW and Honda over the next two years. Longer term, it is estimated that, including knock-on benefits, the release of Marchwood Military Port, without undue restriction on its economic contribution, could generate 3,500 new jobs.
Source: Page 22, Marine & Maritime Supplement

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I would be interested in your views. What would you like to see at this site?  Write to me by e-mail and/or sign the petition demanding that government consult us on the future of the port.