National Issues


The issues covered here are issues important to the residents of all local constituencies, but in the main can only be decided upon in Westminster.


Rabbit-Hutch Britain.

The housing shortage is a real issue, but as the public do not seem to have an appetite for building more “Garden Cities” preferring instead the ever-decreasing “Brown field” sites, actual living space is getting smaller.  The first priority for “Brown field” sites should be businesses that supply jobs and improve the economy.  Many south coast constituencies do not have much in the way of amenity space left.


School Governance

Are the benefits of Free Schools and Academies outweighed by the loss of governance provided by the Local Education Authorities? Learn more…


Renewables. Shale Gas or Nuclear?

Shale gas has become controversial amongst environmentalists who believe that is not an energy source that we should be promoting, but should we be promoting nuclear energy?  Nuclear energy does not produce carbon emissions, but it is not a clean energy, nor is it cheap, since its decommissioning costs are very high.  There is no question that the future energy source will be renewable, but currently it is not cost effective.


By 2020, hydrogen research is progressing in leaps and bounds, so my contention is that Government should no longer be considering shale gas nor nuclear energy.