Past Highways Works

All non-motorway roads in Hampshire are the responsibility of Hampshire County Council.  If you have an issue relating to the road network go to the County Council website for more information.

Just some of the issues that have been reported by residents and acted upon

General Works

Street Lighting Improvements

Cycleway Related

It is vital that we get as much road transport infrastructure established before many more houses are built in West End.  This is especially true with respect to the 999 homes, a Primary School and a Secondary School that are to built in Burnetts Lane.  The two schools will be around 12 Form Entry in total, that is 2,160 potential cyclists, cycling to school who will be able to cycle in relative safety off-road if we can continue the cycle network from the village through to Burnetts Lane.

For more information on sustainable cycling have a look at the sustrans website.

Pot Holes Banished and some on the list

Residents have commented on the fact that there are very few potholes in West End.  That is because when they appear, you are very quick to report them on the Hampshire Highways website.  Thank you.  For those that were not ware of the website, then I have made sure that the potholes are banished, at least until the following winter.  Please note that there are two grades of potholes, the ones that are deep holes that could cause an accident and those that are really only cosmetic.  Report them both, but the dangerous ones will get the priority.

Pavements and Kerbs

In the Hampshire County Council 2015 budget setting it transpired that the County Tories were spending so little on resurfacing pavements that they are only done on average of once in every 107 years! ¬†How fortunate we are then, when in the back end of 2015 my requests for West End’s pavements to be resurfaced came to fruition.