Road Safety in West End & Horton Heath

The Conservative Party’s continuing austerity is affecting every aspect of society.  In times of prosperity, the services we receive from the public sector go relatively unnoticed, but now more and more are saying enough is enough!

From extended GP waiting times to teacher recruitment issues, the list of affected areas is getting longer.  As a local councillor, a very important issue where I am receiving much feedback is road safety.  In the past, the County Council would have a relatively large pot of money for what they would describe as “Discretionary traffic measures”.  However, this is no longer the case.  Almost no money is available to spend on altering our roads that would help reduce accidents unless there has been a record of relatively serious accidents in a particular location.

Instead, the options available include the Community SpeedWatch scheme or liaison with the Casualty Reduction Partnership (CRP).  Community SpeedWatch is a scheme whereby after having been trained residents volunteer to monitor the speed of traffic under the direction of the Police (For safety reasons, this initiative is restricted to 30 mph zones). 

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