Why Support the Liberal Democrats?

At times of election, the Media interview candidates to ask their views about what they will do for their community.  It is a valuable time to be able to compare all the candidates.  The Portsmouth News have been in touch asked me some questions which will appear in Friday’s edition (26 May 2017).  I said;-

  • What are your key priorities for Gosport? – My three key priorities are Health, Education and Transport Infrastructure
  • Why should people vote Lib Dem this time? – The Liberal Democrats are the only party fighting to keep Britain open, tolerant and united
  • How will you make a difference? – I will make a difference because of my local government experience and track record

My Key priorities, Health, Education and Transport infrastructure

Health is a big issue all over the UK, but especially here in Gosport as witnessed by the closure of Haslar Hospital.  Campaigns were fought to save it, but the need to work with lower levels of funding eventually saw the hospital’s demise in 2009 when it was sold off.  Gosport War Memorial Hospital is now the only Minor Injuries Unit in Gosport with the nearest Accident and Emergency unit, the Queen Alexandra in Cosham.  GP waiting times are on the increase, mostly due to GP recruitment issues.  Education is not without its problems, with successive governments tinkering with the National Curriculum, pitting schools against each other with the SAT programme, setting up the academy programme and then dropping it in favour of free schools.  As with GPs, teacher recruitment is now a grave concern and finally Transport Infrastructure, this has been neglected by successive governments and must change.  The Solent local authorities in the Partnership for Urban South Hampshire region are committed to plan for in excess of 100,000 homes over the next 20 years, but currently few plans are in place to deal with the traffic congestion that is getting worse by the month.

 The Liberal Democrats are the only party fighting to keep Britain open, tolerant and united

The Lib Dems;-

  • Are standing up for Britain’s place in Europe by letting the people have the final say on any Brexit deal
  • Will improve funding for our NHS and social care by spending 1p in the pound of Income Tax on NHS and social care services, prioritising mental health care and limiting care costs for the elderly
  • Ensure equality in education by supporting our young people by investing an extra £7bn in education, by opposing new grammar schools, and by ensuring that per-pupil budgets grow if class sizes do
  • Will create a prosperous and fair economy by boosting the economy with a major programme of capital investment aimed at stimulating growth across the UK and doubling innovation and research spending to ensure Britain is a global business leader, now and in the future
  • Maintain a green Britain by investing to find new ways to protect the planet and boosting the economy at the same time.  In addition, we will prevent 40,000 premature deaths a year by cutting air pollution and more than double the production of green electricity to 60% by 2030
  • Intend to stand up for families and communities by reaching a house-building target of 300,000 homes a year by 2022, extend free childcare to all two-year-olds, and reduce the price of bus travel for the 16- to 21-year-olds by two thirds
  • Are standing up for human rights and justice by our belief that every person is entitled to the same opportunity to succeed in life and aim to reduce inequality, fight discrimination and protect freedom
  • Are part of an internationalist, progressive world and will continue to work with our global partners to champion human rights, help the poorest people, and protect our citizens
  • Fight for a fair, open electoral system.  People should have power over their own lives and how their country is run.  We would give 16- and 17-year-olds the right to vote in elections and referendums, and introduce proportional representation for Westminster and local elections

 Making a difference because of my local government experience and track record

I have served my community for 11 years by serving on four councils ranging from the County Council right down to Town and Parish level.  I have gained academic experience by studying a pilot programme at London South Bank University, called Local Governance for Councillors and subsequently a Master of Public Administration (MPA) at the University of Portsmouth.  My track record can only really be measured by my community, but I have covered much of what I have done and the committees I have served on my website www.brucetennent.org